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Мне нравится новый формат вызова для набора в ДК, это вдохновляет и мотивирует. Последнее время все плавно переехали в Instagram, это конечно удобно и экономит время. Я с удовольствием сотворила открытулю из имеющихся ножей от @mamaelephant  #mamaelephantGDCall 
 Этот лосик очень трогательный)))) и конечно он с подсветкой, но видео только Инсте!
смотрела я на него смотрела.... какой то он грустный! и добавила я ему улыбочку))))

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How To Make A Handmade Tag

How To Make A Handmade Tag

Create your tag with the Beautiful Mini Art Screens by Heidi Swapp. 
Few short steps, we'll show you how to make your very handmade tag.

Supplies Needed to Make a Handmade tag
- Mini Art Screens by Heidi Swapp «Just Be Your Beautiful Self»
- Bad Girls Couture Molding Paste
- Twinkling H20's
- Prima Marketing Flower

                                      See the training video here 

step 1:
Prepare a tag from a white cardstock. To create the title, we will use the screen from Heidi Swapp. One side of the screen is sticky and it's incredibly comfortable to work with. You overlay the screen on the workpiece of the tag.
step 2:
Use Bad Girls Couture Molding Paste instead of paints. Add some shimmering watercolors to the color. Apply the paint with a special scraper or spatula. Gently remove the screen from the paper blank.
step 3:
Take water on the brush and wet the boundaries of the tag. Then, put some brown paint on the brush and add the colors to the wet borders. The paint will flow freely.
step 4:
Take a few brown paper twigs and place them on the tag. Add a gentle flower, I took from Prima. All glued.
step 5:
Slice the hemp rope into the hole of the tag. Tie both ends into one knot.

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Интересные задания рождают новые интересные решения!

Привет всем, кто заглянул))) Использование ткани в скрапе я как то не практиковала и когда получила новое задание призадумалась))) Среди лоскутов в комплекте февраля был приличный лоскут фатина, он и привлек мое внимание с самого начала. Сначала я хотела сделать фон с рваными кусками фатина, которые местами хотела покрыть былым грунтом. Потом на глаза папались старые  пяльца и вот что из этого получилось!

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Good morning to all my creative friends! We are so glad that you decided to join the Bad Girls Couture blog. I hope we can get to know you better! And also to catch luck and win prizes!

My name Irina Volzhina from Saint Peterburg. I'm 47 years old, I'm married and have a grown-up daughter and a cat called Marusia. By education I am a teacher of art history, I worked in schools and universities and I am currently the specialist in schools administration. I enjoy scrapbooking 7 years. In my life I am used to catch many things and first of all - to live my life! To feel my life fully I need to develop - do, what I like, communicate, learn something new, travel and create! Now I'm a member of the design team Bad Girls Couture. I like our strategy - creativity without rules and fear! Full freedom of creativity and it's very cool! Kits are always something unexpected and interesting! It is very funny!
We do hope you will check out the shop and our previous kits to get an idea about what we are about.
I created this layout using my material from previous kits! It should be a page about me, more precisely about my credo - to live in the present, to appreciate every moment of life!

I love sheets  7 Gypsies  with masonry and I had a photo with a suitable background! I used the black envelopes of Melisa Frances. They have tags from craft paper, looks very stylish. First I wanted to write something on tags, but then changed my mind))) I'm a mystery to myself)))  I made an imitation of the brickwork on the envelope and photo, the effect of overcoming the boundaries of the plane.   

I took the bricks - a chipboard made of cardboard and painted them in the tone of bricks on the patterned paper.  I used a few shades to age my cardboard bricks))) 

And here is a list of questions and answers so you can get to know me a little more!
1. What's your favorite color?  Shades of blue
2. What's your favorite song right now? KADEBOSTANY -Castle In The Snow
3. Who inspires you? I am inspired by the world around me, it's always that different ...
4. Favorite Book? Erich Maria Remarque "Triumphal Arch"
5.Favorite appetizers - grapes and cheese.
6. Where would you like to visit someday?  Wherever you would like to visit someday, my dream is to visit the CHA scrapbooking exhibition in Phoenix, USA. I was in America twice, I visited New York and Boston, traveled on a cruise ship to the Bahamas and Bermuda. But I hope to visit the exhibition)))
7. Who are you in scrapbooking? This is an interesting question))) I'm a scrap technologist, I like different technologies and experiments with materials and styles.
8. I have been scrabbling for 7 years!
9. My favorite producer is American Crafts!
10. These are books about self-development.
11. Favorite artistic technique ... Most often I use plotter clippings, I like to create compositions with them.
12. Favorite Bad Girl Kit so far? November kit, Joie de Vivre

Don't forget to comment on each of the designer's blog posts and follow @badgirlscouture2007 on Instagram by February 2nd for a chance to win this prize! Your next stop is the fabulous Ashli Oliver! I LOVE her work!!! She is a very creative designer! Here is the line up in case you got lost along the way:

Nicole Martel
Irina Volzhina - are you here
Ashli Oliver

We are excited to be giving away a five pack of Bad Girls Couture mediums…Gesso, Clear Gesso, Moulding Paste, Glass Bead Gel, and Matte Gel Medium. All of our mediums are top premium quality and made in the USA. Try them and notice a huge difference in quality!

Follow the link to the inspirational blog AshliOliver

Thank you for visiting today!! I hope you have a wonderful week!


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Мои работы из декабрьского кита BAD GIRL COUTURE

Привет)))) Яркие и где то  даже слишком пестрые работы из кита декабря 
December Scrapbook Subscription Kit “42nd St. Soda Shoppe”  Мне нравится быть членом команды Bad Girl Couture))) это свобода в творчестве, интересное общение и качественные материалы!