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How To Make A Handmade Tag

How To Make A Handmade Tag

Create your tag with the Beautiful Mini Art Screens by Heidi Swapp. 
Few short steps, we'll show you how to make your very handmade tag.

Supplies Needed to Make a Handmade tag
- Mini Art Screens by Heidi Swapp «Just Be Your Beautiful Self»
- Bad Girls Couture Molding Paste
- Twinkling H20's
- Prima Marketing Flower

                                      See the training video here 

step 1:
Prepare a tag from a white cardstock. To create the title, we will use the screen from Heidi Swapp. One side of the screen is sticky and it's incredibly comfortable to work with. You overlay the screen on the workpiece of the tag.
step 2:
Use Bad Girls Couture Molding Paste instead of paints. Add some shimmering watercolors to the color. Apply the paint with a special scraper or spatula. Gently remove the screen from the paper blank.
step 3:
Take water on the brush and wet the boundaries of the tag. Then, put some brown paint on the brush and add the colors to the wet borders. The paint will flow freely.
step 4:
Take a few brown paper twigs and place them on the tag. Add a gentle flower, I took from Prima. All glued.
step 5:
Slice the hemp rope into the hole of the tag. Tie both ends into one knot.

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